Clarify what success looks like before hiring architects and designers

Chora’s pre-design consulting guarantees a bump-free implementation of your ideas. As such, it provides a bulwark against wasted time, energy, and money down the road.

As a first step in planning for a new building or architectural restoration, Chora recommends rigorous pre-design planning to refine the project’s feasibility as well as programming, operational, and fiscal realities. This initial pre-design phase will provide a solid foundation for the next steps and ensure the project starts on strong footing.

Chora’s pre-design services include a compelling vision and focused statement of purpose for defining a project; a conceptual “use plan” for the architectural space; a business model and a financial plan; strategic and tactical plans for integrating this initiative into the existing operations; an economic impact statement of the project for its regional economy; and a fundraising feasibility study to right-size the project targets and assess the probability of ample design, construction, and operational funds to implement the project vision and purpose.

This comprehensive pre-design package constitutes an effective and efficient prelude to engaging architectural and fundraising firms to prepare master plans and fundraising plans for a capital campaign. In fact, thoughtful pre-design planning provides insurance against the missteps and backtracking that so often bedevil museum projects. Every dollar invested in effective pre-design planning will be recouped many times over in subsequent project phases.