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What should I do before I call the architect or design firm?

There is just one answer to this ubiquitous question: Start planning with Chora and save time and money. Chora will assist any cultural institution to create a crisp Statement of Purpose to identify core messages, central questions, priority audiences, and learning and communication goals. In addition, Chora will provide a transformative vision to inspire support for the project. Working with a museum leadership and all museum stakeholders, Chora will create a roadmap for project success to guide the architectural and design teams.

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Lumpkin’s Jail/ Devil’s Half Acre

How can my museum increase attendance and attract and sustain diverse audiences?

To thrive in the 21st Century, museums must cultivate traditional audiences while attracting and sustaining diverse new ones. Diversity means more than ethnicity, gender, and race. Chora offers a workshop to detail what is working in peer organizations, followed by sessions focused on what your institution can do.

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Baltimore Museum of Art

How can my museum stabilize and right-size the operating budget?

Data-driven decisions are Chora’s specialty. Through data analysis and research, Chora will benchmark a museum against national peers as well as analyze a museum’s particular situation and institutional history to provide accurate and appropriate budgetary targets.

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How do I right-size my museum renovation or transformation project and find the money?

Chora’s data-driven analysis and museum management experience will underpin a challenging but realistic fiscal target for your project. Detailed feasibility studies that identify qualified prospects will solidify your confidence that the project is right-sized. Chora has over forty years of successful fundraising and will stand by you the whole way, bringing your vision to reality.

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Papalote Museo del Niño