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Chora’s Master Plans are informed by over forty years of hands-on experience and an unmatched track-record of successful fundraising. They help seal the case for support and catalyze firm commitments from major donors and partners.

A master plan is the comprehensive document that describes your institution’s vision for its future. It includes architectural, programmatic, financial, organizational, operational, and fundraising plans. Master plans are often, but not exclusively, commissioned by Boards of non-profits in advance of new construction projects. They articulate in detail for management, donors, partners, and investors the outcomes, priority audiences, products, services, funding requirements, and operational resources needed to transform an idea into viable operations. The comprehensiveness and persuasiveness of a master plan can make the difference between a successful fundraising campaign and a failure. From architectural renderings, to demand analysis, financial projections, program descriptions, and fundraising feasibility, the master plan must thus be credible and convincing.

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