Fundraising Feasibility Study

Chora’s Fundraising Feasibility Studies assess the fundraising potential of an organization and/or project with candor, and provide a necessary reality check. As such, they pave the way for realistic fundraising planning and implementation.

A cool-headed assessment of the feasibility of any project must look beyond the enthusiasm of its advocates and focus on a target donor community. Individuals, corporates, foundations, and governments need to be scoped out with care as potential contributors in order to establish the proper scale for the project and determine realistic targets, schedule, and probability of success for the campaign. There is an old saw in fundraising: “Ask for advice and you will get money, ask for money and you will get advice.” A fundraising feasibility study provides the opportunity to ask for genuine advice as a prelude for getting money. Top prospects must be allowed to weigh in on a project’s objectives, scale, and case for support, perhaps re-shaping the project in some dimensions. The original project advocates should not see this input as interference but rather as a way to bolster the base of committed stakeholders.

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