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At Chora, we have over four decades of fundraising experience. We have raised over $800 million for a variety of projects. As part of our commitment to strengthen organizational capacity, we work with clients to develop and implement a fundraising plan. Chora will participate in the cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major gifts and build confidence in the in-house team.

A sound feasibility study combined with a detailed fundraising plan is key to shaping the strategic directions and tactics of an organization’s fundraising efforts. Since most fundraising campaigns require substantial involvement from volunteers, a fundraising plan must look beyond financial targets and campaign objectives. It must be specific enough to be an action plan for the campaign and organize volunteers to maximum advantage. Operational details pave the way for benchmarks to drive the campaign forward on a monthly basis. Thus, a fundraising plan must be both a comprehensive strategic document, but also an operational and outcome-oriented blueprint that supports monthly assignments and tracks progress.

Chora’s fundraising plans include core strategies, key outcomes, a statement of needs, fundraising campaign schedule and budget, and a pool of at least 25 qualified and rated prospects. At the heart of a successful fundraising campaign lies a professional prospect research and an effective management system. Imaginative, strategic, and systematic identification, development, and tracking of prospects make or break a campaign. A well-documented, prioritized prospect pool (including research on giving capacity, financial data, contact information, volunteer connections, and individualized cultivation strategies) is indispensable for any effective campaign. Only in-depth research along these lines holds the promise of expanding the universe of potential contributors in new and under-tapped directions.

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