Educational Program Development

Chora has extensive hands-on experience in developing multi-faceted exhibitions that fully realize their educational potential. Chora guides clients through the entire process from pre-planning to delivery, evaluation, and distribution of educational outreach experiences, services, and products.

Successful contemporary exhibitions fold multiple platforms within exhibition development. New learning technologies, social media, and state-of-the art delivery systems for enhanced educational experiences provide the opportunity to transform exhibitions into multi-dimensional, multi-audience, and multi-platform tools that reach millions of learners who may never visit the actual installation. When developed with care, multi-platform exhibitions have the potential to deliver core messages and content to audiences around the world, expanding the impact—and in turn the fundability—of the project. Virtual exhibitions, interactive on-line experiences, alternative-reality games, classroom curricula and activities, pre- and post- visit materials, mobile device applications, and customized web sites are increasingly common and fundable.

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