Fostering Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Accessibility (DIEA)

Chora delivers thoughtful and rapid organizational change with its true-and-tried approach to advance DIEA practice in museums.

Museums have a special responsibility to live by the principles of DIEA in operations, governance, and programming. With a deep commitment to museums as social spaces, Chora provides the scholarship and rigor necessary to transform internal culture, build trust, and meaningfully engage your audiences in exhibition and program design.

We can help you make a difference by promoting Board and staff buy-in, develop community engagement, and bringing about lasting institutional change that is meaningful to all stakeholders.

In broad outline, Chora’s DIEA program offers an integrated process comprising three steps:

  1. Align your internal culture: Build up staff cohesion, respect, and internal buy-in.
  2. Engage your community: Develop trust and community commitment.
  3. Commit to action: Make change real, rapid, and relevant to all internal and external stakeholders.

Each step calls for close interaction with internal and external stakeholders who must recognize their voices in the final outcome.