The Bass

The Bass reinvented itself by expanding in place—that is, by staying within the existing footprint of a classic Miami Beach Art Deco building, but completely renovating its interior for 21st century ambitions. The Bass blossomed with one hit contemporary art exhibition after another. The City was beaming with pride and high expectations; everyone wanted more, more, more. The inevitable clash of expectations and capacity hit, and hit hard.

An exhausted staff and Board turned to Chora. They were asking themselves: What is the right size for our budget and program that is realistic and sustainable? How can we create a financial model to bring order, direction, and control? How can we continue to stretch, challenge, and grow The Bass to become the best contemporary art museum in Miami?

Chora helped provide the answers. As a result, the Bass’s revamped mission, vision, and core strategic directions both aspire and inspire, but are all backed by hard fiscal facts. Thanks to Chora, The Bass knows what it can become.

Photography by Zachary Balber. Courtesy of The Bass, Miami Beach.


Miami Beach, Florida