With over forty years of experience in cultural management, we will help you set and achieve clear, bold, and meaningful goals as well as create plans that you can act on. A strategic approach gives purpose to our advice and inspiration to your work.

Awakening your more innovative and visionary spirit is our job. We thrive in managing creative processes with creative teams. By grounding lateral thinking and creativity in the proper context, we give you the tools and confidence to conceive—and implement—your own solutions. In a tightly knit team, we will help you lead.

Effective teamwork is invariably based on mutual respect, trust, confidence, empathy, and good will. A firm commitment to these values is the hallmark of Chora’s interactions with its clients. We will be your partners and dedicated team mates.

The buck stops with us. We are accountable to you for our work and ideas. We will not let you down.