City of Miami Beach Tourism and Culture

With a global brand and reputation, the City of Miami Beach is in a league of its own. A city known for its beaches, films, culture, fashion, design, and more recently, as the epicenter for contemporary art, succeeded in establishing itself as an international destination for arts and culture. Miami Beach’s next challenge is to embrace a transformative vision, where culture becomes an integral and dynamic part of the urban economy and core identity.

In preparation for a City workshop exploring reimagining a new Art Deco Cultural District, Chora worked with the Tourism and Culture Department to lay the groundwork for a cultural master plan for the next decade of growth of Miami Beach cultural economy.


Miami Beach, Florida


Chora’s data-driven approach to consulting, together with their experience and insight of cultural communities and creative economies, facilitated a pathway for the advocacy and development of a cultural policy framework. Chora’s professionalism and robust brainstorming provided for an effective, productive and collaborative engagement.

– Heather Shaw, Assistant Director for Tourism and Culture, Miami Beach