Baltimore Museum of Art

Risk-taking and visionary leadership are in the DNA of the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA). An appetite for the new, the provocative, and the art of the present, have all distinguished the BMA for over a hundred years.

A charismatic leader, a committed board, yes, but how to make this ambition real and sustainable? BMA selected Chora to harness this energy and transform a commitment into an actionable strategic plan. Chora worked with the Board and staff to put a bold vision into action: to ensure that “every strategic decision, every museum activity, including exhibitions, acquisitions, public programs, as well as the composition of staff and Board, will be driven by this commitment to excellence, equity, and social justice.”

The BMA is now on its way, the Chora-designed strategic development process generated desire, commitment, will, and the coalition of leadership to see a vision through to success.

Photo by Mitro Hood. Courtesy of The Baltimore Museum of Art
Photo by Kristi Odom. Courtesy of The Baltimore Museum of Art.
Photo by Glenford Nuñez. Courtesy of The Baltimore Museum of Art.


Baltimore, Maryland


Our desire to achieve a new relevance in the 21st century in a black majority city does not mean we are leaving our past greatness behind. Rather, we are building on the BMA’s historical investment in presentness and contemporary art by engaging the greatest artists of the 21st century, many of whom are black Americans, to define a new golden era for the BMA.

– Chris Bedford, Dorothy Wagner Wallis Director of The Baltimore Museum of Art

Chora exceeded our expectations as a partner in the development of our Strategic Plan. Their customized approach to the planning process reinforced our decision to work with a small boutique firm.

– Jim Thornton, Vice Chairman of the Board and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Baltimore Museum of Art