There it was, confronting me in the shower of the Crown Plaza Hotel in New Orleans like a hanging accusation; a door-hook sign asking me to volunteer to use the same towels throughout my stay to save the environment from certain ruin. As I pondered my choices, I realized that no matter what the scale of environmental issue, the choices are always the same. I could ignore the signs, pretend I did not see them, and no one would be the wiser. Or I could deny the signs and cynically forge some dense justification; that it was just a ploy of the hotel to save them money by appealing to my fear and guilt. Or I could believe in the authenticity of the appeal, make this small sacrifice, and convince myself that I was doing my part to create a sustainable future. So, what to do about these towels, or global warming, or species and habitat loss, or coral reefs, tuna, or whatever. I made peace with my moist companion for the next four days and hung the sign on my door certain I had saved something for someone. Probably, mostly me.