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Chora is honored to be executive producers and the fundraising team for this award winning IMAX film.

Congratulates to SK Films and the team in winning all GSCA 2013 awards for Flight of the Butterflies.

There it was, confronting me in the shower of the Crown Plaza Hotel in New Orleans like a hanging accusation; a door-hook sign asking me to volunteer to use the same towels throughout my stay to save the environment from certain ruin. As I pondered my choices, I realized that no matter what the scale of environmental issue, the choices are always the same. I could ignore the signs, pretend I did not see them, and no one would be the wiser. Or I could deny the signs and cynically forge some dense justification; that it was just a ploy of the hotel to save them money by appealing to my fear and guilt. Or I could believe in the authenticity of the appeal, make this small sacrifice, and convince myself that I was doing my part to create a sustainable future. So, what to do about these towels, or global warming, or species and habitat loss, or coral reefs, tuna, or whatever. I made peace with my moist companion for the next four days and hung the sign on my door certain I had saved something for someone. Probably, mostly me.