Building Dedicated and Effective Boards

At Chora, we believe that effective Boards are made, not born. Our customized Development Programs are designed to foster high-performing, strategic Boards that look beyond mere organizational survival to organizational success.

The success of any organization hinges on a well-functioning, purposeful and mission-centered Governing Board. Such a Board understands that its role is to represent the ultimate owners of the institution. It also understands that it should not be a cheerleader for the organization it governs, but rather be the link between core stakeholders, and the staff. Too often, however, a Board sees its mandate only as the overseer of the staff—it slips into micro-management and thus ceases to perform as it should. A well run organization with a positive community profile and with products and services aligned to its mission and audience expectations is sure evidence of a well-functioning Board. Such a Board offers a voice to the prime constituencies, ensures funding stability, sound policies, and accountability; it minds and mines its external relations, and evaluates on a continuous basis the performance of the organization against the benchmarks established in a strategic plan. Boards with purpose should be the goal of all non-profit organizations.

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