Imagine with us.Together we can solve any problem.
In Greek philosophy Chora was the
place of creativity. Chora will work
with you to bring your ideas to life.

Chora is a consulting firm that specializes in museums and educational institutions. We bring to our clients the creative vision, master and strategic planning skills and management oversight required for the creation and funding of brand new institutions and for repurposing and revamping existing ones.

Chora’s hallmark approach seamlessly integrates purpose driven management with strong educational values resulting in more effective and efficient organizations.

With a proven track record in museum leadership, management and fundraising, Chora is known and respected today for conceiving the ideas and putting them in the ground.

Getting Started

With this posting, we are beginning our Blog adventure here at Chora. We would like to use this space to explore issues and themes in cultural education, more specifically museums. For the past forty years of so, we have tried to inform and infuse our museum practice with theory; from psychoanalytic theoretical models of memory and mourning, to anthropological models of identity, ritual, and ideology. Response to this style of work has ranged from infuriating to intriguing. Wherever you might fall on that scale of interest, we hope to engage you in some lively professional ponderings and maybe some new ways of thinking about how we conduct and critique our work. Continue reading